Profound Ways Technology is Helping the Deaf Community

According to WHO, 5 percent of the world population (446 million) has disabling hearing loss. Thirty-four million of these are children, and the remaining 432 million are adults. 

I was checking reviews of Spectrum Internet plans and Spectrum TV packages when I stumbled upon a review by a deaf subscriber (he had mentioned that in the review). This intrigued me to learn more about the deaf. Turns out most of them live in low or middle-income countries such as the Asia Pacific, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Profound Ways Technology is Helping the Deaf Community

Hearing Loss vs Deafness 

Hearing loss and deafness are two different things. A person who isn’t able to hear and a person with normal hearing has a hearing threshold of 25 dB or better in both ears is considered an individual who has hearing loss. This loss could be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. It could affect one ear or both, leading to difficulty in hearing loud sounds or even conversational speech.

The people who experience “hard of hearing” have mild to severe hearing loss, and they can benefit from a hearing aid. The ones who have significant hearing loss might benefit from cochlear implants. On the contrary, the deaf are the ones with profound hearing loss, and they have little to no hearing. They rely on sign language to communicate. 

What Causes Hearing Loss or Deafness? 

Hearing loss or deafness can either be congenital or acquired. Let’s look at both these causes:

  1. Congenital hearing loss is the type that is either present at birth or acquired soon after birth. It could be hereditary, or some genetic factors such as complications during pregnancy can lead to this type of loss. These include low birth weight, infection, inappropriate use of a drug, birth asphyxia, etc.

  2. Acquired hearing loss is one that could occur at any age. Causes include infectious disease, use of certain meds, chronic ear infections, excessive recreational exposure to loud sounds, aging, etc.

Technology – A Game Changer for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

One of the biggest impacts of hearing loss or deafness on an individual is their ability to communicate with others. Fortunately, advances in technology have the potential to improve the quality of life of such individuals. Let’s have a look at the type of gadgets technology has introduced the deaf community to:

1: Handy Sign Language Translators 

Most people generally know how to communicate in sign language but sometimes, a deaf person can come across a person who doesn’t understand it. For situations like these, HandTalk exists. This sign language translator uses motion sensors inside a glove for translating signs to audio. This audio is played through a mobile device, making communication easier than ever!

2: Music for the Deaf

Thanks to technology, the deaf can enjoy music as well. For that, they have gadgets like Tactile. It comes with a spiky ball that pulsates with the rhythm of the music. The device looks like a fashionable iPod. You can feel the rhythm like any other human being.

3: Solar-Powered Aid

Hearing aids can be expensive, which makes it hard for citizens of third world countries to afford them and then bear the maintenance expenses in the form of replacement batteries. Thanks to technology, owning a hearing aid has become somewhat affordable. With technologies like SolarAid, the deaf can buy low-cost hearing aids powered by solar chargers (which are handheld). 

4: Better Amplification 

Although easy to use hearing aids are available to help people with hearing disability hear their surroundings better. However, technology has improved that. A great example of that is the SoundAMP app for iPhone. It boosts the volume of any audio coming into the user’s microphone. This allows the user to listen to the sounds in their surroundings through their headphones.

This app isolates certain tones and makes them louder/quieter, depending on the user’s preference. So instead of wearing or carrying a hearing aid, the user just has to use the app on their phone! 

5: Visual Platforms

Everyone has their say on social media, and so does the deaf community. All giant social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. have made it easier for deaf people to express themselves. They can do so using videos, memes, art, posts, photos, GIFs, and even text. 

Since the deaf are visual learners, the visual nature of social media platforms has positively affected education, work, communication, and so much more.

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Hybrid App Development You Need for Your Business


hybrid app development for your business

Coming to however many clients as would be prudent is the significant contrast between any pointless application and a successful application. Half and half advancement is presented as a front line cross-stage that empowers applications for various working frameworks. Crossover App Development has a similar centre code for various stages that makes generally speaking advancement quicker and less expensive. The new highlights for crossbreed improvement are delivered for all stages simultaneously, giving all clients a similar encounter. 

Crossover improvement offers advantages to big business applications too. At the point when clients can get to the application from their gadgets, they appear to be more OK with the innovation and need less specialized help to deal with the application. What's more, organizations just run all the more easily. 


Pixarsart assembles cross-stage Hybrid App Development for organizations. With the tremendous involvement with serving an enormous customer base, we can proficiently consolidate the force of HTML5 improvement with the most recent cell phone systems to fabricate profoundly progressed local applications on all significant versatile stages including iPhone, Android, Windows and that's just the beginning. Our half breed portable application improvement group is incredibly capable and actually wise who construct inventive versatile applications utilizing crossbreed stage assisting clients with reducing down expenses, accomplish adequate opportunity to advertise conveyance and arrive at an enormous volume of the crowd. 


  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript based Apps 

  • Cross-Platform Development 

  • Utilization Of Open Source Technologies 

  • Gives More Access to Device Features And Capabilities 

  • Downloadable and Installable Apps 

  • Improved Performance 

  • Profoundly Interactive User Interfaces 

  • Financially savvy 


HTML5 has been the most cutting edge innovation which permits organizations to assemble outwardly engaging, imaginative and upgraded versatile applications for cell phone gadgets. HTML5 innovation is offering incredible advantages to portable application stage. The versatile applications, which are constructed utilizing HTML5 innovation, are consistent with all significant portable stages, for example, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and others, utilizing web unit giving local applications like insight. HTML5 gives awesome instruments to cross-stage advancement needs, offering clients the chance to utilize diverse portable stages accessible in a commercial centre. With everything taken into account, HTML5 innovation is a rich expansion in application improvement that is an extreme unifier and a favourable position for new companies. 


Pixarsart gives cutting edge portable applications to its customers and accomplices, with the reception of versatile application advancement arrangements utilizing HTML5 apparatuses. We have a group of experts who plans and creates cross-stage portable applications utilizing HTML5 to fabricate web applications and local versatile applications. Here at App Maisters Inc., we are utilizing a coordinated improvement philosophy to fabricate progressed HTML5 web and portable arrangements which will explicitly create to meet your particular business and client needs. 

Pixarsart has made a demonstrated and exceptionally adaptable commitment measure model that begins with a thorough evaluation of your business and innovation necessities to ensure the privilege HTML5 arrangement will be conveyed to you both rapidly and cost-adequately to address your business destinations and client's issues. 


  • Lift Visibility 

  • Alluring and Modern Visual Interface 

  • Savvy 

  • Different Platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and so on) 

  • Dependable and Secure 

  • Unified Code for Different Platforms

Smarter and Easier Ways to Keep an Eye on Employees with OgyMogy


Nowadays the trend is to work smart as it saves you energy and time. It’s important for employers too to work smartly so that employees can be productive and business can prosper. In business, employers need to monitor their employees to understand their working behaviour and their attitude towards the work. This includes watching their working habits and their communications closely. For a small business like a group of people, this can be done easily as they have a fewer number of employees but for large corporations and organizations, employees need to be monitored closely and smartly. This means tracking their devices, their communications, and their emails, and so on. So, let’s get to the point and see how OgyMogy can help you in handling the employees monitoring smartly.

Monitor Keystrokes

OgyMogy provides the best keylogger software for monitoring the keystrokes on the company’s devices. This kind of practice has been used by business owners for some time and it has been proved to be fruitful too. This feature is best for employers who want to keep a close eye on their employees’ activities as it lets you know about their online searches, their Skype communications, and their email contents, and so on. It’s the smartest way to monitor the activity of employees as it lets you in on a lot of things like how much time they are spending on doing work, to whom they are talking to, and what kinds of emails they are sending and to whom.

Track Passwords

All companies have confidential documents and information which needs to be protected. Most of these documents are handled by the company employees as they have to work on them. This means that these documents can be accessed easily by just accessing the personal computer devices of employees. To ensure the safety of these documents, employers can track the passwords of their devices to see whether they used a weak password or a strong password for locking their devices. This can be done by OgyMogy. The mobile tracker lets you crack the 

password on company devices so that you can see that employees are keeping the files safe or are misusing the files for their gains.

Remote Screen Recording

Are you curious about what your employees are doing and are they spending their working hours solely on projects? Well then you are in the right place and you have the right product as OgyMogy provides you the ability to record the monitors of your employees. It provides a different set of features along with remote screen recording. One of them is providing a short video of screenshots. This is efficient as seeing the videos can tell you everything about your employees. It can inform you about their online activities and can also notify you about any suspicious activity. Moreover, screen recording can also tell you about their call history and the content of their emails.

Track Password keystrokes

People are private about their accounts passwords or their pc passwords as they have personal stuff stored in them. Similarly, employees change the passwords of their company devices too so that only they can monitor their devices. But employees may use weak passwords for these devices to leak the confidential information to outsiders. OgyMogy tells you about all these things like whether the confidential documents are safely stored by employees or not and whether the employees are not using them for wrong purposes. It provides the best password keylogger app which can decode the passwords just by monitoring the keystrokes. This comes in handy in monitoring the employees as it can tell whether there are some weird applications on the personal devices of employees or whether confidential documents are not saved properly and are prone to viruses etc.

Listen to Phone Calls

You want to know who is calling your employees and to whom they are talking during office hours? Well, you have OgyMogy to monitor all the calls of your employees. It provides the best call recorder for you to listen to all calls of your employees to see whether they are planning something suspicious or are they just dealing with work.

These smart ways and this smart application can help you monitor your employees easily so just install OgyMogy and enjoy all the amazing features.

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Why Bosses Need PC Spy Software For Their Employees?

The employees play a significant role in the progress and advancement of an organization. So, their productivity matters a lot in business growth. A number of employers are having reservations over the productivity of employees, so this is a pressing issue which is needed to be addressed. 
The problem can be extensively addressed using pc spy software that can comprehensively track all the activities of employees over the computer screen. 

Problems of employers regarding their employees

Employers face a number of problems that are unfitting for the advancement of the business. These problems serve as a constraint in organizational development. 

  • Productivity issues

  • Cyber threats and attacks

  • Maintaining secrecy of business 

The most common issues are related to productivity, cyber threats, and business secrecy. 

A number of employees start involving in unproductive activities during working hours. The activities include streaming music and videos, chatting with friends and family, and using excessive social media that ultimately affects the business standing.

On the other hand, business secrets and confidentiality are some of the very significant elements that are needed to be protected. A number of cases suggest that the careless attitude of employees can rapture the confidentiality of the business.  

The most pressing problem for the employer is cyber threats these days. Cyber threats are widely increasing in no time. In 2019, more than four billion records were stolen from business devices and corporate databases.

Adding insult to injury, the same report established that businesses remain unaware of the activity for at least 206 days on average. 

So, the whole discussion needs to be summed up by proposing an embracing solution that can come to rescue the concerns of business owners.  

Using PC spy software for monitoring business computers – TheOneSpy

We have conducted an extensive exercise into finding embracing computer spy software for businesses. The solution that is best in this aspect is TheOneSpy, without any doubt. 

  • Mac OS 

  • Windows OS

  • No hint to target employee

TheOneSpy spies on all the activities that are taking place over the target computer and reflects them on the end-user’s registered device. The employer can know about the real-time happenings of the employee at any point of time. 

This all is done without any hint to the target employee. The software can be installed on the target device after getting physical access only once. The pc spy software can be installed on Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Salient features of TheOneSpy tracking software 

  • Mighty alarms feature of the app

The feature allows setting alarms on specific activities that are considered as unsuitable for the business. 

For example, the employer can mark some video streaming websites as unsuitable, and then every time employee starts browsing the same website, an alarm will notify the employer about the activity.

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  • Assigning productive and unproductive tabs

This feature allows marking productive and unproductive tabs and activities over the target computer. 

The activities that are considered as favorable for business will be marked as productive, while the unsuitable activities will be marked as unproductive.

TheOneSpy software generates a log of all those productive and unproductive activities and shows the log to the employer for taking necessary action. 

  • Website blocking helps in coping with cyber threats 

All the websites that are taken as unsafe and insecure can be blocked to access from the business computer. 

These websites most commonly include insecure financial gateways that are the most common source of plotting viruses and cyber attacks on business devices. 

  • Capturing screenshots randomly

The employer can capture screenshots of the computer screen after defining the time period and frequency. Thus, the software will itself capture screenshots according to the desired frequency and timeframe. 

  • Browsing history monitoring

TheOneSpy allows spying on browsing history and other browser functions of the target computer. This way, the employer will get to know about the online activities of the employee. 

  • Spying on emails 

All the emails received and sent by the target employee can be viewed by the employer to protect the business. 


The problems of employers regarding their employees and business are discussed. The best way to protect the business is by using pc spy software, and TheOneSpy is best in living up to the expectations of employers. 

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Boost your Business with the help of ERP Technology

 The development in the field of technology has been quite commendable. In a bid to increase their productivity, companies are resorting to the use of effective software. ERP (enterprise resource planning) is one of the most effective software that is being used by many business entrepreneurs. The software plays an instrumental role in the effective planning and management of the resources that are available to get the best outcome. There are multiple benefits of this software that can help business organizations to streamline their work and optimize profit.


Benefits of ERP at a Glance

This software helps in providing good support to the business by helping it to keep a track record of the entire business activities.  The software has better access to data that enables business heads to take the most appropriate call on their business. It helps an organization to manage its activities in the best possible way and render the best outcome by implementing the resources at hand.

Mobile services are also available that allows business entrepreneurs to make decisions regarding their business even when they are away from the office. They can easily go through all the business reports and take the correct decision regarding their business.

The accounting application is also fairly useful as it helps in integrating costs, revenue information of sales and also profits. If your business has a good number of google reviews and if you use ERP technology, then they will help you to boost your business trust and sales. It helps a business to take the necessary steps regarding their business and also maintain the quality of products and prevents industry spying and theft.

ERP also plays a pivotal role in ensuring success for small business. A small business needs to keep a proper record of the various fields of expenses and also allot money in the correct fields and that is where ERP plays an instrumental role. It further helps in increasing efficiency and helps the business to grow and prosper.

The software also helps in integrating all the business process thereby lowering the costs of marketing and production. It helps in controlling the inventory in a correct manner, therefore enabling a business to garner more profit.

The software also helps in formulating a plan that can help in getting good results for a business. Especially in a small business, this is quite helpful as it helps employees to develop a strategic plan.

When it comes to the efficiency of the inventory, there is nothing as helpful as this software as it will help in addressing issues like shortages in the inventory and also preventing wastage while transferring files.

These are some of the effective ways in which one can benefit from using ERP in their business. Hence entrepreneurs who have been suffering from business losses and improper management can address such shortcomings with the help of this software. It is a uniform business operation that helps in smooth functioning. A proper selection of the software can play a big role in managing shortfalls and losses. Moreover, it can also help in reaping the utmost benefit for any business.

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Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining the CompTIA Linux+ Certification for You

In the current time of knowledge innovation, we're included by a whole universe of knowledge. a significant extent of this data is accessible in mechanical structure over the online, which is fundamentally a worldwide PC network hospitable. Subsequently, security may be a significant issue. The safety of data accessible online is understood by the name of network safety across the planet. Today, network protection holds incredible significance; exceptionally, considering the various occurrences of data burglaries with enormous associations, such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google+, and Marriott International. Cyberattacks, for instance, Spyware and Ransomware, are likewise considerable difficulties to be managed. Nothing unexpected that significant IT associations around the globe are burning through a great many dollars to ensure their business information's well-being and security. 

Today, due to the expanding overall interest for online protection, there's a relating increment within network safety experts' interest. On the off chance that you got to tap this expanding request and make a rewarding profession within the network safety field, the CompTIA Linux+ Certification XK0-004 Practice Exam Dumps can assist you with getting. Peruse on to believe the five most advantages of acquiring the CompTIA Linux+ Certification. 

  1. Insignificant Prerequisites 

It has been seen that numerous experts and students are driven far away from proficient affirmations as a result of the various conditions or requirements joined to them. Because it may, CompTIA Linux+, in contrast to other online protection accreditations, doesn't force any obligatory requirements. In any case, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) recommends that the applicant's exposure for this accreditation test need to ideally have in any event two years of labor insight within the security and systems administration fields. It encourages passing the affirmation and getting employed. 

  1. Worldwide Accepted 

CompTIA Linux+ is considered one of the crucial security confirmations within the network protection space. Given by CompTIA, this confirmation is likewise certified by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). It exhibits an expert's capacity to actualize his insight, aptitudes, and characteristics needed to be agreeable with the ISO 17024 Standard. 

  1. Significant compensation 

The CompTIA Linux+ Certification can empower you to accumulate an altogether more significant pay than your non-confirmed friends. This compensation may go from $42,130 and $95,830 for the organization engineer profile. The compensation changes counting on a competitor's work insight and accreditations. With only five years of involvement with this field, you'll hope to acquire tons more significant pay than most IT experts having an identical encounter. 

  1. Seller Neutral Characteristic 

CompTIA Linux+ may be a seller with nonpartisan accreditation. In other words, it doesn't expect you to zero in on a selected merchant's particular innovation and security prerequisites. Yet, instead, you'll specialize in the available angles related to online protection. The broad security space information gained during this accreditation empowers security experts and organization directors to overwhelm the commercial centre. 

  1. Colossal Future Scope 

The more we manage gigantic volumes of advanced information, the more the danger of data burglary and defilement; consequently, there's a gentle and expanding need for network protection. As indicated by the forecasts made by Cybersecurity Ventures, there'll be 3.5 million unfilled network safety positions by 2021, up from 1 million in 2014. There are a couple of other industry figures that unmistakably show the large future extension for those intrigued by the sector of network protection.

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Upgrade your Career Scope Through Oracle Java Certification

Java is a high-level, robust, object-oriented, secure, and widely used programming language. It is used widely and recognized by individuals as well as organizations to turn their innovative ideas into software solutions that work. Oracle is continuously involved in the development of the Java platform. It also provides Oracle Java certification.

Each of these Java certificates confirms a certain level of experience and understanding of the Java platform about specific areas.

Java is one of the most used and underrated programming languages, and Java professionals are the highest-paid. A Java professional works largely with dynamic codes and applications. Java is one of the most widely accepted and used programming languages ​​for developing websites along with other applications.


Core Java is the first stage of Java programming, where you can learn all the concepts used in the programming prototype. It is the core of Java, although Advanced Java addresses achieving the basics. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the core of Java first to continue learning advanced Java.

Adding the best Oracle Java certification to your CV will help you capture the attention of your hiring manager. Oracle Java Certification demonstrates your understanding and ability to work with Java. Preparing for the Java Certification Exam will help you to strengthen your Java programming skills.

Oracle Java Certifications

  • Before diving into various details in Java

  • Oracle Awarded Certifications, let's first look at the summary

  • Introduction: Oracle Java certifications are classified as follows:

Entry-level Java Certificate

  • Oracle Certified Java Developer (OCAJP)

Oracle Java Certification Professional Level

  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP)

  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Application Developer (OCPJAD)

Oracle Java Master Level Certificate / Architect

  • Oracle Certified Java Enterprise Engineer (OCMJEA)

Popular Oracle Java Certifications

  1. Oracle Java SE 8 I Certified Associate Developer (1Z0-808)

Oracle OCP Java SE 8 Programmer I certification will verify your most advanced Java programming skills. To obtain this certification, you will need to pass the Java SE 8 Programmer Exam I 1Z0-808. The 1Z0-808 exam program includes Java data types, Java fundamentals, matrix, loop nodes, methods, and encapsulation.

  1. Oracle Certified Java SE 8 II Associate Developer (1Z0-809)

The Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer (OCP) certification is a professional-level certification created to validate basic database management skills. The OCP 1Z0-809 curriculum includes exceptions and statements; Medicines and combinations. Java Class Design, Java File I / O (NIO.2), Java I / O Fundamentals, Java Stream API, and Localization.

  1. Oracle I Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer (1Z0-815)

Oracle OCP Java SE 11 Developer Certification includes a wide range of Java 11 programming objectives available. To obtain this certification, you will need to pass the OCP 1Z0-815 exam. The Oracle 1Z0-815 test covers subjects, for example, exemplifying, making and utilizing techniques, making basic Java programs, portraying and utilizing items and classes, taking care of special cases, Java innovation, reusing applications through legacy, getting modules, in addition to.

Career options for applicants after obtaining Oracle Java certifications:

As mentioned above, Java programmers are in great demand all over the world. Here are some of the job profiles one can apply for after obtaining Oracle JAVA certification, based on skills and experience:

  • Application developer

  • Web developer

  • Programs developer

  • Web programmer

  • Software developer - c

  • Programmer Analyst - c

  • Integrated developer - OOPS

  • Unit Director: Core Java

  • Senior developer - Core Java

  • Software Engineer - Core Java

  • Core Java developer

  • Architect - Core Java

  • Software Engineer - Servlets

  • IoT software engineer

  • Project manager

Roles and Responsibilities of Certified Oracle Java Professionals

JAVA developer roles and responsibilities vary greatly depending on the job profile and the requirements of the organization. Some of the responsibilities that a JAVA developer is expected to take on are listed below:

  • Unusual intelligence performance is expected.

  • Maintain, design, and run high-volume, low-latency Java applications.

  • Set up well-designed, effective, and testable code.

  • Scheduling management, software analysis, debugging, and testing.

  • Develop Java EE applications and run Java.

  • It must be ensured that the developed designs adhere to the required specifications.

  • Preparing and submitting a release of the software components.

  • Converting demands into conditions.

  • Examine alternatives with techniques.

  • View architectural assessment.

Java is used to create everything from mobile applications to server-side applications. Therefore, if you are considering establishing your career in the programming language field, you should consider taking the Oracle Java certification.

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