Boost your Business with the help of ERP Technology

 The development in the field of technology has been quite commendable. In a bid to increase their productivity, companies are resorting to the use of effective software. ERP (enterprise resource planning) is one of the most effective software that is being used by many business entrepreneurs. The software plays an instrumental role in the effective planning and management of the resources that are available to get the best outcome. There are multiple benefits of this software that can help business organizations to streamline their work and optimize profit.


Benefits of ERP at a Glance

This software helps in providing good support to the business by helping it to keep a track record of the entire business activities.  The software has better access to data that enables business heads to take the most appropriate call on their business. It helps an organization to manage its activities in the best possible way and render the best outcome by implementing the resources at hand.

Mobile services are also available that allows business entrepreneurs to make decisions regarding their business even when they are away from the office. They can easily go through all the business reports and take the correct decision regarding their business.

The accounting application is also fairly useful as it helps in integrating costs, revenue information of sales and also profits. If your business has a good number of google reviews and if you use ERP technology, then they will help you to boost your business trust and sales. It helps a business to take the necessary steps regarding their business and also maintain the quality of products and prevents industry spying and theft.

ERP also plays a pivotal role in ensuring success for small business. A small business needs to keep a proper record of the various fields of expenses and also allot money in the correct fields and that is where ERP plays an instrumental role. It further helps in increasing efficiency and helps the business to grow and prosper.

The software also helps in integrating all the business process thereby lowering the costs of marketing and production. It helps in controlling the inventory in a correct manner, therefore enabling a business to garner more profit.

The software also helps in formulating a plan that can help in getting good results for a business. Especially in a small business, this is quite helpful as it helps employees to develop a strategic plan.

When it comes to the efficiency of the inventory, there is nothing as helpful as this software as it will help in addressing issues like shortages in the inventory and also preventing wastage while transferring files.

These are some of the effective ways in which one can benefit from using ERP in their business. Hence entrepreneurs who have been suffering from business losses and improper management can address such shortcomings with the help of this software. It is a uniform business operation that helps in smooth functioning. A proper selection of the software can play a big role in managing shortfalls and losses. Moreover, it can also help in reaping the utmost benefit for any business.

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Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining the CompTIA Linux+ Certification for You

In the current time of knowledge innovation, we're included by a whole universe of knowledge. a significant extent of this data is accessible in mechanical structure over the online, which is fundamentally a worldwide PC network hospitable. Subsequently, security may be a significant issue. The safety of data accessible online is understood by the name of network safety across the planet. Today, network protection holds incredible significance; exceptionally, considering the various occurrences of data burglaries with enormous associations, such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google+, and Marriott International. Cyberattacks, for instance, Spyware and Ransomware, are likewise considerable difficulties to be managed. Nothing unexpected that significant IT associations around the globe are burning through a great many dollars to ensure their business information's well-being and security. 

Today, due to the expanding overall interest for online protection, there's a relating increment within network safety experts' interest. On the off chance that you got to tap this expanding request and make a rewarding profession within the network safety field, the CompTIA Linux+ Certification XK0-004 Practice Exam Dumps can assist you with getting. Peruse on to believe the five most advantages of acquiring the CompTIA Linux+ Certification. 

  1. Insignificant Prerequisites 

It has been seen that numerous experts and students are driven far away from proficient affirmations as a result of the various conditions or requirements joined to them. Because it may, CompTIA Linux+, in contrast to other online protection accreditations, doesn't force any obligatory requirements. In any case, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) recommends that the applicant's exposure for this accreditation test need to ideally have in any event two years of labor insight within the security and systems administration fields. It encourages passing the affirmation and getting employed. 

  1. Worldwide Accepted 

CompTIA Linux+ is considered one of the crucial security confirmations within the network protection space. Given by CompTIA, this confirmation is likewise certified by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). It exhibits an expert's capacity to actualize his insight, aptitudes, and characteristics needed to be agreeable with the ISO 17024 Standard. 

  1. Significant compensation 

The CompTIA Linux+ Certification can empower you to accumulate an altogether more significant pay than your non-confirmed friends. This compensation may go from $42,130 and $95,830 for the organization engineer profile. The compensation changes counting on a competitor's work insight and accreditations. With only five years of involvement with this field, you'll hope to acquire tons more significant pay than most IT experts having an identical encounter. 

  1. Seller Neutral Characteristic 

CompTIA Linux+ may be a seller with nonpartisan accreditation. In other words, it doesn't expect you to zero in on a selected merchant's particular innovation and security prerequisites. Yet, instead, you'll specialize in the available angles related to online protection. The broad security space information gained during this accreditation empowers security experts and organization directors to overwhelm the commercial centre. 

  1. Colossal Future Scope 

The more we manage gigantic volumes of advanced information, the more the danger of data burglary and defilement; consequently, there's a gentle and expanding need for network protection. As indicated by the forecasts made by Cybersecurity Ventures, there'll be 3.5 million unfilled network safety positions by 2021, up from 1 million in 2014. There are a couple of other industry figures that unmistakably show the large future extension for those intrigued by the sector of network protection.

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Upgrade your Career Scope Through Oracle Java Certification

Java is a high-level, robust, object-oriented, secure, and widely used programming language. It is used widely and recognized by individuals as well as organizations to turn their innovative ideas into software solutions that work. Oracle is continuously involved in the development of the Java platform. It also provides Oracle Java certification.

Each of these Java certificates confirms a certain level of experience and understanding of the Java platform about specific areas.

Java is one of the most used and underrated programming languages, and Java professionals are the highest-paid. A Java professional works largely with dynamic codes and applications. Java is one of the most widely accepted and used programming languages ​​for developing websites along with other applications.


Core Java is the first stage of Java programming, where you can learn all the concepts used in the programming prototype. It is the core of Java, although Advanced Java addresses achieving the basics. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the core of Java first to continue learning advanced Java.

Adding the best Oracle Java certification to your CV will help you capture the attention of your hiring manager. Oracle Java Certification demonstrates your understanding and ability to work with Java. Preparing for the Java Certification Exam will help you to strengthen your Java programming skills.

Oracle Java Certifications

  • Before diving into various details in Java

  • Oracle Awarded Certifications, let's first look at the summary

  • Introduction: Oracle Java certifications are classified as follows:

Entry-level Java Certificate

  • Oracle Certified Java Developer (OCAJP)

Oracle Java Certification Professional Level

  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP)

  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Application Developer (OCPJAD)

Oracle Java Master Level Certificate / Architect

  • Oracle Certified Java Enterprise Engineer (OCMJEA)

Popular Oracle Java Certifications

  1. Oracle Java SE 8 I Certified Associate Developer (1Z0-808)

Oracle OCP Java SE 8 Programmer I certification will verify your most advanced Java programming skills. To obtain this certification, you will need to pass the Java SE 8 Programmer Exam I 1Z0-808. The 1Z0-808 exam program includes Java data types, Java fundamentals, matrix, loop nodes, methods, and encapsulation.

  1. Oracle Certified Java SE 8 II Associate Developer (1Z0-809)

The Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer (OCP) certification is a professional-level certification created to validate basic database management skills. The OCP 1Z0-809 curriculum includes exceptions and statements; Medicines and combinations. Java Class Design, Java File I / O (NIO.2), Java I / O Fundamentals, Java Stream API, and Localization.

  1. Oracle I Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer (1Z0-815)

Oracle OCP Java SE 11 Developer Certification includes a wide range of Java 11 programming objectives available. To obtain this certification, you will need to pass the OCP 1Z0-815 exam. The Oracle 1Z0-815 test covers subjects, for example, exemplifying, making and utilizing techniques, making basic Java programs, portraying and utilizing items and classes, taking care of special cases, Java innovation, reusing applications through legacy, getting modules, in addition to.

Career options for applicants after obtaining Oracle Java certifications:

As mentioned above, Java programmers are in great demand all over the world. Here are some of the job profiles one can apply for after obtaining Oracle JAVA certification, based on skills and experience:

  • Application developer

  • Web developer

  • Programs developer

  • Web programmer

  • Software developer - c

  • Programmer Analyst - c

  • Integrated developer - OOPS

  • Unit Director: Core Java

  • Senior developer - Core Java

  • Software Engineer - Core Java

  • Core Java developer

  • Architect - Core Java

  • Software Engineer - Servlets

  • IoT software engineer

  • Project manager

Roles and Responsibilities of Certified Oracle Java Professionals

JAVA developer roles and responsibilities vary greatly depending on the job profile and the requirements of the organization. Some of the responsibilities that a JAVA developer is expected to take on are listed below:

  • Unusual intelligence performance is expected.

  • Maintain, design, and run high-volume, low-latency Java applications.

  • Set up well-designed, effective, and testable code.

  • Scheduling management, software analysis, debugging, and testing.

  • Develop Java EE applications and run Java.

  • It must be ensured that the developed designs adhere to the required specifications.

  • Preparing and submitting a release of the software components.

  • Converting demands into conditions.

  • Examine alternatives with techniques.

  • View architectural assessment.

Java is used to create everything from mobile applications to server-side applications. Therefore, if you are considering establishing your career in the programming language field, you should consider taking the Oracle Java certification.

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10 Likes to the Facebook Profile | Crazy Tech Blog

Page likes to act as a reliable service: it is likely that it provides high-quality goods and services if customers like your company. Page likes to act likewise as social evidence, because if a friend of the woman she is interested in she will be interested in your business, too. Since it is important to select a page, you can find a list of 10 ways to increase your liking on your Facebook page.


  1. Regularly use strong pictures

Use powerful, clever, interesting, and relevant photos. For example, when you sell clothing, ensure you include your articles in the image, professionalize photos, and show the articles in a charming way, for instance, by asking the model to wear your product in a way that appeals to the clothing.

You want to use photos on all your posts on the Facebook page because users are more captivating than plain text images. The more posts that captivate people, the more likely it is that you will get a page.

  1. Other Pages Link

Track pages with yours-like niches. For instance, if you are a photographer, please use your Facebook page to contact other photo pages by commenting and liking their posts. Be careful not to leave unnecessary comments, such as comments on an overflow of hashtags or links, which could be misread as spam.

Through working with other sites, your visibility will be improved and what your page is all about will be told to Facebook so that Facebook will be more likely to recommend it to users who follow pages that are similar to theirs.

  1. Enjoy your website with a "Like" button

Kunden visiting your website are a great audience, as they are interested in your company already to target the Facebook page. Users browse your items or read your blog (if you have it) quickly and without interruption, like your page, by installing a Like Button plugin on your website.

  1. Give something personal to your audience

You clearly don't like your personal profile, you want to handle your company page. But often put in a post to let your audience know that behind your company there's a good guy. For example, if you run a family restaurant, post an image of a birthday party for a family member using a brief message about who it is. By giving your website a personal touch, users can see you more than just a company trying to advertise, as another interesting friend on Facebook.

  1. Fill in the top section absolutely

All this means the link to your website, your business address, the year your business was established – all of it. That may sound like a slower, less constructive way, but it helps because it builds credibility.

  1. Compose your photos profile and cover

Using professional pictures to express the brand in full. As these are the first things that users see when visiting your website, a good first impression is important. Think of them like you'd like a brick-and-mortar shop sign.

Click here to check Facebook profile selling service.

  1. Join your website or blog postings

Copy and paste code into your website or blog for one of your top Facebook entries. Thus your website tourists can see it and can press (hopefully) just like your website. This is a good example.

  1. Complete your marketing plan with video

Video is one of the easiest ways to communicate with users. Make good quality videos showcasing your product or telling a brand story. Use vibrant, descriptive overlay photos and text to attract viewers. Do something special that will make your spectators want more and inspire them to like your page.

  1. List your Personal Profile Management page

You can add links to the Facebook pages you manage on your personal profile under "Intro." This helps friends to click on the links and visit your website to increase their probability. As a result, your friends' friends will see you like your site and be motivated to do the same.

  1. Write Copy of Stellar

Just as straightforward as it sounds, it is difficult to write a persuasive post that transfers your message simply and succinctly, too. You do not want to write too much or too little, and without any grammatical mistakes, you want to write because it hurts your reputation.

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10 Tips for Getting Free More YouTube Views

If you are a marketer or content developer who wishes to increase your views of your YouTube for free, then it takes time and effort; however, if you do it correctly, more views, a better user experience, and opportunities are offered to you for expanding your views and content.

YouTube is one of the world's leading channels for targeting audiences with a wide variety of users. Regardless of whether you post receipts, how to make muppet origami for people, or how to make spoofing presidents, the website has billions.


  1. Use rich descriptive and keyword names

Here is the issue of the keyword analysis. A descriptive and interesting heading would do two things: give the algorithm keywords to sort and attract users and let them know about the video. You may use traditional SEO approaches, such as using a keyword planner or other research tools, to perform keyword research.

Go to the keyword planner and pick the search YouTube on the far right to see the success of keywords in YouTube. Optimizing the video content for the correct keywords will enable users and the search engine to obtain organic views of the video.

  1. Have rich consistency and keyword clarifications

The video description provides the search engines and consumers with better details on the specifics of your video. This will help to increase the click rate and thus the views because users know what to expect in your video.

Try to stand out and stay generic; while also attempting to make short-sighted keywords you can catch attention. Enter and optimize users over the fold with your explanations for the YouTube search engine correctly as you would for the usual SEO meta description.

  1. Utilize Tags

YouTube Video Tags help to define the content of your video and to clarify the algorithm when users see your video. This should represent the centre of your video along with your definition and title. Think again about SEO short-tail.

  1. Optimize the picture of your video

Like a hero picture, your thumbnails can be awesome if they are on the organic results page, recommended videos, or shown on social media when you increase your YouTube views. If they are shown in the video, use high-quality images, which have readable and engaging fonts and facial closings.

  1. Creating video transcripts

The lessons or transcripts of your videos have been extensively discussed how they can improve your rating on YouTube. Closed names, however, will help to get more YouTube subscribers and views when it comes to foreign publics and people with disabilities.

Good grading for the organic results on YouTube will significantly increase your views and provide a sustainable approach to trafficking. YouTube views can offer a fast boost to views, but it is not a good long-term solution because the behavioural analysis is significant in Youtube algorithms' eyes.

  1. provide material informing, entertaining, and/or entertaining

Your video content should give the audience value; whether it teaches them to do something or to appreciate it or simply keeps it interested and amused. Users will get back for more and increase the views of other potential video content when you find your content useful.

  1. Viral trends piggyback

Build content that eliminates current viral patterns from piggybacks. In the sense of a viral event, you can use it You have a built-in market incentive to display contents.

All YouTube videos created in response to United Airlines' PR fiasco are a good example.

However, if you have a clever way to do so you can raise your views on YouTube through a starving audience that is searching for more trends in the background. It is not always easy or feasible to tie your video content in line with ongoing trends.

  1. Using YouTubers Guests

Similar to blog postings for visitors, YouTuber guests, business influencers, or notebooks will do a lot to raise your views. As with marketing influences, YouTubing guests will attract your users with names in their domestic industries and give their industries a different and special perspective.

Give a link in your description to one of your videos or websites and you can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Build the best industry video content

"While I would never be advocating plagiarism of any kind," Picasso once said, "good artists borrow from the marketplace, great artists steal from them." The Recommended Videos section on the sidebar and in the grid after a video has been completed offers you a possible goldmine to improve your vision.

YouTube's algorithms are described in this case as content with caution for an organic result: a video that the user has just seen may have less to do with the original question and more to do with the importance of the video that the user has just viewed. Thus the material seen at the end of a video that has just been watched is identical to the content.

  1. Please use cards

You can use these cards to boost your video views and enable users to visit and subscribe to your lesser-looked content. Using the behavioural research to see if people avoid viewing the video and introduce the card in advance, to make sure more viewers see it.

YouTube behavioural analysis provides many usable observations and tests to notify you of every option you make to maximize your video views.

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Common 9 Misconception About WordPress


Misconception about WordPress is very common to us. WordPress Now Powers 26% of the Web. Generally, these misconceptions were created by listening to others. So today, I will discuss about 9 misconceptions about WordPress, which will be necessary for new WordPress users.


  1. Blogging Tool

Many people think WordPress is only a blogging tool, although WordPress started as a blogging tool. But now, you can create web software with WordPress. In every six websites, there is one website created by WordPress, which is not a blog. People are creating eCommerce, news portals, corporate websites, educational websites, and so many with WordPress.

  1. Web Security

So many people think WordPress is not secured enough. WordPress is open-source software, so many people are working on the WordPress community to make it more strong and secure. DDoS and malware are common to the web, not WordPress. Using a strong password and following some rules can make WordPress more strong.

  1. eCommerce

In previous days people believed that WordPress is not suitable for eCommerce websites. But I think WordPress is such a strong day by day for eCommerce. There are so many payment gateways and plugins for eCommerce. So WordPress is now the most strong eCommerce cms.

  1. Free CMS

I have heard from so many people that WordPress is free and can charge anytime. They should know WordPress is not an individual property that can charge anytime; it is a property of a community and free for all time. And WordPress is earning a million dollars by giving you free software.

  1. Support

Most people install WordPress and do not know where to get support for WordPress. I am telling them there is so many large and dedicated community to help you free of cost anytime. Just you have to find and share your problem. WordPress Support is a big platform of support for newbies.

  1. Standard

WordPress is world-class standard software. So you can easily build a standard website, blog, web apps, and so many with WordPress. It has good looking theme support and substantial free theme resources.

  1. Same Look

Many people install WordPress and use the default theme, so many websites or blogs may look the same. But you can customize your WordPress theme yourself. You can make a unique look for your website easily. Just take a look at Work, Theme Forest & Studio Press.

  1. Only For Newbie

WordPress only for a newbie who only knows HTML and CSS. But who knows advanced coding? WordPress is not for them. This is not true. As an easy management system, WordPress can be used by all level users. It is popular with newbies and experts also. The speed of WordPress website is user-friendly. Go here to know more about website speed up.

  1. Not For High Traffic

WordPress is not suitable for high traffic websites, but this is not true. See Tech crunch & The Next Web are made by WordPress, and they have a good number of traffic. And day by day, very much popular websites are being converted to WordPress for easy content management.

I hope I have cleared some Misconceptions about WordPress for you. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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Types of Controller card | Crazy Tech Blog


The controller card, or basically "controller," is a bit of equipment that goes about as the interface between the motherboard and different parts of the PC. For instance, hard drives, optical drives, printers, consoles, and mice all expect controllers to work. Most PCs have all the fundamental controllers worked in the motherboard as chips, not full-sized cards. In any case, in the event that you add extra segments, for example, a SCSI hard drive, you may have to add a controller card also. Controller cards are normally introduced in one of the PC's PCI openings. There are many types of controller cards such as a Graphic controller card, Raid controller card, SAS controller card, etc. 431103-001 is one of the best SAS controller cards. 

Types of Controller card

With regards to a controller, there is a wide range of choices to investigate. As a rule, controllers can be identified with PC gaming, which is basically used to control an internet game. 

Controller cards, then again, are known as extension cards or IC, which are utilized on the motherboard. They help in building up a correspondence between an equipment gadget and a PC. Indeed, all gadgets require a controller card to work flawlessly. The presence of a controller card turns out to be more urgent if the gadget doesn't have an interior controller space. Generally, a controller card contains a capacity controller, a memory controller, an info gadget controller, etc. The accompanying online journal will feature significant sorts of controller cards that are overwhelmingly utilized in PCs. 

Strike Controller Card 

Presently, how about we comprehend what a RAID controller card is. All things considered, in the first place, it is a product program or equipment hardware that helps in overseeing hard circle drives or even strong state drives for information stockpiling. The Raid controller cards can function as a legitimate unit. Assault controller cards assume a significant part in making sure about the put-away information and furthermore improve registering execution through fast admittance to put away information. 

You will go over a few sorts of Raid designs including a few restrictive varieties dependent on different Raid levels. The specific Raid level gets uphold by a Raid controller. Get the best arrangements on RAID Controller Cards from an online web-based business commercial center and discover all you'll require to improve your home office arrangement. 

Advantages of Raid Controller Card 

The Raid Controller Card offers various focal points, for example, 

  1. Improved unwavering quality as far as application execution 
  2. Information repetition guarantees that no information is lost or the hub doesn't fizzle. 
  3. Devoted handling 
  4. Quickening of Raid activities 
  5. Absence of boot blunders 

AGP Controller Card 

The designed controller is otherwise called the AGP controller. AGP is an Accelerated Graphics Port grew explicitly for 3D quickening agents and cutting edge computer games. The illustrations controller is coordinated onto the motherboard for the design connector to work cooperatively with the framework. 

To discover which illustrations or AGP controller card is appropriately fit for your PC, you need to check the documentation of the motherboard. It is significant that the illustrations controller is fabricated by Intel, AMD, VIA, ALI, or some other presumed organization. 

Likewise, in the event that you are utilizing a more seasoned variant of the Windows Operating System, (for example, Microsoft XP), you can discover the illustrations controller through System gadgets present in Device Manager. 

ATA/ATAPI or SCSI Controller Card 

Numerous PCs utilize a development controller card, while different frameworks use an incorporated plate controller on the motherboard. Extension controller cards become valuable if the PC hard plate drives don't interface with the motherboard. 

·       Shouldn't something be said about ATA or ATAPI 

In the event that you are utilizing an incorporated circle controller, at that point, you need to decide the documentation of the motherboard to check ATA or ATAPI controller. You can likewise look at this by visiting the producer's site for additional help. 

·       ATA 

The ATA, otherwise called Advanced Technology Attachment, is an in excess of a two-decade-old interface that sets up a connection between CD-ROM drives and hard drives. Today most PCs use kinds of ATA; PATA and SATA. For instance, Mac PCs use SATA. 

Likewise, we additionally have an ATA standard, which is in reverse viable. It implies you can utilize the new forms of ATA drives with ATA interfaces. Additionally, fresher adaptations of the ATA are delivered occasionally. The main form was ATA-1 created by Control Digital Corporation. The most recent rendition is ATA-6, which was affirmed by the ANSI path in 2001. 

·       ATAPI 

ATAPI represents Advanced Technology Attachment Package Interface. You can consider it an expansion of ATA. ATAPI assumes a steady part in tap drives, CD-ROM drives, and other significant PC peripherals. It was viewed as an alternate norm before the arrival of the ATA-4 or ATAPI-4 variant. 

Development Card Controller 

In the event that you are utilizing an extension card controller and have lost the documentation, you can get the equivalent from the assembling model or the FCC number. You can find it by actual examination of the card. There are various kinds of development cards accessible on the PC, for example, network card, sound card, video catch card, MPEG decoder, modem, and so forth. 

USB Controller Card 

At the point when you purchase a PC motherboard, you may go over development USB controller cards however numerous motherboards have incorporated USB controllers. On the off chance that there is no immediate association between the USB and motherboard, you are most likely utilizing a developed USB controller card. 

Notwithstanding the various kinds of cards, there are different perspectives that help in figuring out which controller your PC is utilizing. For instance, you can check the item subtleties and determinations alongside the drivers or establishment.