How to install express VPN on firestick? 2 easiest methods

how to install express vpn on firestick

ExpressVPN is an amazing VPN app that lets users stream their favorite content without any kind of geographical problems. ExpressVPN on firestick helps users to browse their favorite content safely and securely. This app is one of the most popular streaming VPN apps. 

In this article, I will share the easier methods of how to install expressvpn on firestick. 

Why Use a VPN with a Firestick?

There are lots of benefits of using a VPN while browsing the internet. The Internet helps us to access the data in it but there are lots of dangers using it too. Here are the key reasons why you use a VPN with a Firestick.

  • Hiding from government surveillance: The governments across the world are monitoring their citizen's online activity. Your government is tracking your activities on the internet. Using a VPN helps to hide your IP and activities from governments.

  • Browsing with Freedom: Almost every government is tracking their citizen’s online activities. Some countries have fixed some restrictions on using and browsing websites. Such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. have restrictions on browsing the internet. But, using a VPN can help you avoid all the restrictions from anything. VPN hides your real address and helps you to access whatever you want.

  • Browse Kodi or Similar Apps: Kodi is the most popular streaming app that allows you to browse any kind of data from the internet. You can get free links to watch movies, web series, and TV shows from Kodi. To use Kodi safely and accurately, you can use a good Kodi VPN that will help you to use Kodi without any trouble.

  • Unblock any website: Using a VPN helps users to unblock any website and from anywhere. There are lots of websites and services that are only usable from specific countries. But, if you use a VPN, you will be able to use these apps by customizing your location.

  • Protect your identity and activity: VPN changes the user's identity and activities. While you are browsing the internet for some secret purposes, you should ensure security. Such as, when you are making any payments or buying any subscriptions, you have to ensure the best security. Besides, VPN helps to hide every activity from the hacker.

Why Choose ExpressVPN for FireStick?

Since you are using a VPN to hide your information and activities, so you should ensure that you are using the right VPN that really helps to hide information and activities. Express VPN for firestick is such a VPN that helps you with the best service. Express VPN for fire TV is safe for hiding your privacy, security, and activities.

Express VPN provides its services with excellent speed. This is one of the best faster VPNs which has a speed optimized network. This VPN has 3000+ servers with 160 locations in 94 countries.

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How to install expressvpn on firestick

Downloading ExpressVPN is so easy because it is available in the amazon play store. So, you don’t have to go through some critical processes to install expressvpn on firestick. But, before you begin to install expressvpn on your fire tv stick, you have to purchase a subscription plan. Or, you can purchase a subscription plan after installing it on your fire tv stick.

Here are the 2 easy methods of how to install expressvpn on firestick that will help you to download and install your VPN on your amazon fire tv.

Method 1: From the Amazon store

  1. From your firestick home screen, search for the “ExpressVPN.”

  2. From the search results, select the expressvpn app.

  3. After opening the app file, click on the get button to start the downloading process.

  4. After clicking on get, expressvpn will get downloaded and installed by itself.

  5. When the installing process is done, you will see the open option. Click on the open option to start using this app.

Method 2: Install from the APK file

If you can’t find the expressvpn in amazon store, you can download this app from other 3rd party suppliers as well as from unknown sources. Here is the process to download and install this VPN from an unknown source.

  1. From your amazon fire tv home screen, go to the settings and then select the My Fire TV option.

  2. Click on the developer option.

  3. Turn the option Apps from Unknown Sources on.

  4. Copy and paste this link to the search URL option of the downloader app (If you don’t have a downloader app in your fire stick, download it).

  5. Then, download the expressvpn app from this website.

  6. When the downloading process is done, click for starting the installation process.

Final Thoughts

ExpressVPN on firestick is an amazing app to help you have safe and secure browsing. This app is well enough to help you with watching your favorite geographical content. Since this app is available on the Amazon store, you can download this easily. If you get any problems while downloading this app from the Amazon store, you can follow the 2nd process to download this app from the unknown source. I hope this article about how to install expressVPN on firestick will help you to install and use that VPN accurately. If you have any questions or ideas, then don't forget to comment below.


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