How to install fire tv guru on firestick | Super easy method


Fire TV Guru is a popular Kodi build that comes with a ton of advanced features. This is specially developed for the amazon streaming devices as well as for amazon fire tv stick. This application is useful for streaming and downloading on-demand content easily. It comes with some advanced video addons, including Covenant, Elysium, TinklePad, BoB Unleashed, etc. that are incorporated within it. This contains fewer bugs and troubleshooting than other similar services.

To get a better experience with the Fire TV guru, you must download that from its official website. I suggest you download and install a clean and fresh file. Sometimes, some standard install allows keeping old addons and settings the same.

In this article, I will be sharing the easiest way of installing fire TV guru on your fire tv stick. So, if you are looking for how to install fire tv guru on firestick, then you are in the right place.

Features of fire TV Guru

Fire TV Guru on amazon fire tv stick offers lots of advanced features that will help you have quality browsing of your favorite content. Here are the top features of Fire TV Guru on amazon fire tv stick given below.

  • Fire TV Guru on fire tv stick comes with varieties of advanced video addons, including TinklePad, BoB Unleashed, Elysium, etc.

  • Another amazing feature of this service is an all in one tab. You will be able to access live streams, movies, tv shows, and other on-demand content from this tab.

  • It allows its users to download and install any content from three different servers. So, if you face any problems with downloading any content from any server, then you will be able to try the same with using another server.

  • Fire TV Guru contains 13 different menu options, and they are easy to access and navigate. All functions from the "Sports Center" Tab to the " Her Place" tab are included in this build. There is also a suggestion category, including some help videos and a speed tester. All of these systems are updateable.

  • In the FTG build hosts, the live stream section provides various IPTV links for viewing. 

  • This build also offers varieties of audio contents, and this is a unique feature of this build. Besides video content, audio and TuneIn Radio made this build a more advanced Kodi build.

How to install fire tv guru on firestick

Here are the step by step guides of how to install fire tv guru on firestick. Through this process, you will be able to install the fire tv guru on your amazon fire tv stick. In this method, I will operate the FireDL app because this method seems easier to me.

  1. Turn on your amazon fire tv stick and search for “FireDL” through the search bar. FireDL app is available on the Amazon App Store, so you will get it easily.

  2. After you download and install the FireDL app, run it, go to the url section then put the number 941172. So, it will give you the APK download URL automatically.

  3. Then, FireDL should begin the downloading process of Fire MC APK. Wait until the file gets downloaded completely.

  4. After the downloading process is done, install it.

  5. Now open it if the install process is complete.

  6. The app will show some instructions when you will open this. You can read them if you want or skip them by just clicking on “Dismiss.”

  7. Then select your preferred setting option and then “Continue.”

  8. Click on the “Build Menu” to open it and then choose the build that you want to install it on your firestick.

  9. In this stage, you will see two options; "Fresh Install" and "Standard Install." A standard install will keep your old data saved, and a fresh install will clean your previous data.

  10. Now, click “Yes” and install your preferred option. Then click on “Force Close.”

  11. Follow the navigation process from the home screen “Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.” Now, you will see the “FireMC” app; Open it.

  12. Now you are all done, and you have the amazing Kodi build Fire TV Guru. After you shut down and turn on your fire tv, you have to follow step 11 to open Fire TV Guru.

Final thought

Fire TV Guru is an amazing Kodi build that comes with varieties of advanced features. I have shared the easiest method and I hope this article will help you how to install fire tv guru on firestick. You just follow the installation process accurately. Still, you get any problems with installing fire tv guru on your fire tv stick, feel free to comment below. We will love to help you.


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