How to use fire stick without internet connection | Easy & useful ways


Amazon fire stick is an amazing product that allows you streaming your favorite on-demand content on your television screen. To me, the most amazing feature of Amazon firestick is turning a normal LED tv into a smart TV with allowing the latest features. It will allow you to share your screen, playing mp3 and mp4, playing video games, and much more.

Now, if you can use a fire stick without internet connections it will be more amazing. Although you won't be able to enjoy all the top features, you will be able to enjoy some common functions.

In this article, I will share how you can use an Amazon fire tv stick without using the internet connection and some tips and tricks.

What can you do if you use a firestick without the internet?

Amazon fire tv stick requires a strong internet connection to stream content from any server. To stream Amazon prime videos, TV shows, movies, and other on-demand content, you will need to connect a stable internet connection.

But, there are lots of apps in the firestick that can download content and allow you to enjoy them without a fire stick internet connection. While using these apps, you can download your favorite videos and other content to watch them offline. There are some gaming apps too that allow users to play video games while offline.

Does Kodi allow browsing offline?

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming apps that allows you to browse on-demand content from the internet. Amazon Firestick allows using Kodi on it.

When you are thinking about streaming fire tv offline, it may come to your mind that can you browse Kodi offline or not! As I said before if you want to browse live tv shows and unsaved videos from any app, you will need a stable internet connection. For browsing Kodi, the process is the same. You will need a stable internet connection to browse live and unsaved content in Kodi. But, if you use firestick without internet connections, you will be able to stream downloaded or saved content. 

How to access offline apps in firestick

Although firestick is a fully internet-based device, it allows installing some offline apps that don't require any internet connection to use these apps. But, Fire TV sticks won't show any apps on its home screen without an internet connection. But, you can get offline apps on the screen of Amazon fire stick with no internet. To get this, you will need to customize some settings.

  • Go to your fire tv stick's settings.

  • Then go to "Applications" and select "Manage installed applications."

  • Find offline applications and select "Lunch Applications" for each of them.

Use mobile hotspot

If you suffer any problems from your wifi or broadband network, you can use your mobile hotspot. Although mobile hotspot can't provide a stable network connection it can support you through a minimalist data connection. To set up a mobile hotspot with your fire tv stick, follow the steps below. 

  • First, turn on your mobile hotspot from the "Settings" option of your phone.

  • Open your firestick and turn on the Alexa app then select "Devices."

  • Then select "Amazon Tap" and then"Change."

  • Find the available hotspot connection and then select "Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot."

  • Then click on the "Start" button.

  • Enter the password of your hotspot and then click on "Connect."

Set up a stable connection

Firestick is an internet-based device that is designed to work with a strong internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, you won't be able to enjoy the amazing features of the amazon fire tv stick. You will be able to watch the downloaded or saved videos if you use firestick without internet connections.

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Final Words

If you want to use firestick without internet connections, you can just watch some specific downloaded or saved videos. Or, if your fire tv has an offline gaming app, you can play this game.

If you just want to enjoy the amazing features of the amazing product Amazon firestick, you will need a stable internet connection. Fire tv stick is an internet-based device. To watch HD quality videos or other on-demand content, you will definitely need a stable internet connection. But, if you get any problems with your internet connection, you can use your mobile hotspot option.


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