Why does my firestick keep restarting automatically? Useful ways to fix it



Fire TV stick is an amazing product from Amazon that lets you browse unlimited on-demand content from any source. This tiny flash drive device comes with a variety of advanced features. Among all the features of amazon fire tv stick, the best feature is turning a non-smart tv into a smart tv.

But when amazon fire stick keeps restarting without any command or any needs is worse. This problem is a regular issue for many amazon fire tv sticks device. There is no specific reason that’s why it happens. Many reasons are responsible for this worse thing.

In this article, I will be sharing the main reasons why fire tv keeps restarting and some important tips on how to fix fire stick restarting problems. So, if you are looking for the answer why does my firestick keep restarting, then you are in the right place. 

Why does my firestick keep restarting automatically?

Suppose you are enjoying any video on your amazon fire tv derive. But, in the meantime, if your amazon fire stick keeps restarting automatically, it will harm the quality of your streaming. 

There is no specific single reason for this problem. Many tiny factors are responsible for this problem. Sometimes you may need a single chance to solve this problem, but sometimes you may need multiple changes to fix this problem. 

Firestick Keeps Restarting? Try These some best ways to fix this problem?

 Among the many factors that are responsible for the automatic restarting of your amazon fire device, some common problems and solutions are given below. 

  1.  Use Official Firestick Accessories

Sometimes, using third party accessories can create an automatic restarting problem on your fire tv stick. Because third party accessories may not be accurately fit as the official accessories. If you got any problems with the USB cable anytime and you replace it with a third-party cable, then it may create this problem. So, first, make sure that all accessories of your fire tv stick are official.

  1. Change the Old USB Cable

Before you search for why does my fire stick keeps restarting, you should try to make some common changes. Changing the USB cable is the primary thing you should do when you face restarting problems. Replace your old USB cable with an official new one. Sometimes, just changing your USB cable can fix your problem.

  1. Try to Use a 2 AMP Power Adapter

The default power adapter of the amazon firestick is 1 AMP. Sometimes, it can’t provide enough power support so your firestick keeps restarting automatically. So, you can update the power adapter of your fire stick if you can get any problems with the power adapter.

  1. Plug the Power Adapter into the Power Outlet directly

If your fire tv stick’s power cable is plugged into the USB point of the back of your fire tv, remove it and plug in the power adapter directly into any power outlet. Sometimes, the indirect plugin can’t provide enough power so the fire tv keeps restarting automatically.

  1. Disconnect USB Extension Cable

If you use any USB extension cable to connect the firestick with your tv, then remove the extension cable. Try to connect the firestick with your tv directly. Connection through a USB extension cable can’t provide enough signals sometimes but, a direct connection can provide enough signals.

  1. Remove Other Devices from the HDMI Ports

If you have plugged in any other device to your tv through the HDMI port, remove them. Extra devices without firestick can create problems sometimes. Because they can create resistance in transmitting signals between tv and the firestick.

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Final thought

There is no specific reason that can ensure you that fixing this problem will prevent automatic restarting of your fire tv device. So, to know your answer to why does my fire stick keeps restarting you have to check its many options. If you can see any problem that you think this problem is responsible for the automatic restarting, fix them yourself. Or, hire an expert to solve your problem. Hope this article will help you solve this restarting problem if your device has an issue that is described above. But, if you still face any problems, feel free to describe your problem in the comment section. We will try our best to help you.


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