Smarter and Easier Ways to Keep an Eye on Employees with OgyMogy


Nowadays the trend is to work smart as it saves you energy and time. It’s important for employers too to work smartly so that employees can be productive and business can prosper. In business, employers need to monitor their employees to understand their working behaviour and their attitude towards the work. This includes watching their working habits and their communications closely. For a small business like a group of people, this can be done easily as they have a fewer number of employees but for large corporations and organizations, employees need to be monitored closely and smartly. This means tracking their devices, their communications, and their emails, and so on. So, let’s get to the point and see how OgyMogy can help you in handling the employees monitoring smartly.

Monitor Keystrokes

OgyMogy provides the best keylogger software for monitoring the keystrokes on the company’s devices. This kind of practice has been used by business owners for some time and it has been proved to be fruitful too. This feature is best for employers who want to keep a close eye on their employees’ activities as it lets you know about their online searches, their Skype communications, and their email contents, and so on. It’s the smartest way to monitor the activity of employees as it lets you in on a lot of things like how much time they are spending on doing work, to whom they are talking to, and what kinds of emails they are sending and to whom.

Track Passwords

All companies have confidential documents and information which needs to be protected. Most of these documents are handled by the company employees as they have to work on them. This means that these documents can be accessed easily by just accessing the personal computer devices of employees. To ensure the safety of these documents, employers can track the passwords of their devices to see whether they used a weak password or a strong password for locking their devices. This can be done by OgyMogy. The mobile tracker lets you crack the 

password on company devices so that you can see that employees are keeping the files safe or are misusing the files for their gains.

Remote Screen Recording

Are you curious about what your employees are doing and are they spending their working hours solely on projects? Well then you are in the right place and you have the right product as OgyMogy provides you the ability to record the monitors of your employees. It provides a different set of features along with remote screen recording. One of them is providing a short video of screenshots. This is efficient as seeing the videos can tell you everything about your employees. It can inform you about their online activities and can also notify you about any suspicious activity. Moreover, screen recording can also tell you about their call history and the content of their emails.

Track Password keystrokes

People are private about their accounts passwords or their pc passwords as they have personal stuff stored in them. Similarly, employees change the passwords of their company devices too so that only they can monitor their devices. But employees may use weak passwords for these devices to leak the confidential information to outsiders. OgyMogy tells you about all these things like whether the confidential documents are safely stored by employees or not and whether the employees are not using them for wrong purposes. It provides the best password keylogger app which can decode the passwords just by monitoring the keystrokes. This comes in handy in monitoring the employees as it can tell whether there are some weird applications on the personal devices of employees or whether confidential documents are not saved properly and are prone to viruses etc.

Listen to Phone Calls

You want to know who is calling your employees and to whom they are talking during office hours? Well, you have OgyMogy to monitor all the calls of your employees. It provides the best call recorder for you to listen to all calls of your employees to see whether they are planning something suspicious or are they just dealing with work.

These smart ways and this smart application can help you monitor your employees easily so just install OgyMogy and enjoy all the amazing features.

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