Why Bosses Need PC Spy Software For Their Employees?

The employees play a significant role in the progress and advancement of an organization. So, their productivity matters a lot in business growth. A number of employers are having reservations over the productivity of employees, so this is a pressing issue which is needed to be addressed. 
The problem can be extensively addressed using pc spy software that can comprehensively track all the activities of employees over the computer screen. 

Problems of employers regarding their employees

Employers face a number of problems that are unfitting for the advancement of the business. These problems serve as a constraint in organizational development. 

  • Productivity issues

  • Cyber threats and attacks

  • Maintaining secrecy of business 

The most common issues are related to productivity, cyber threats, and business secrecy. 

A number of employees start involving in unproductive activities during working hours. The activities include streaming music and videos, chatting with friends and family, and using excessive social media that ultimately affects the business standing.

On the other hand, business secrets and confidentiality are some of the very significant elements that are needed to be protected. A number of cases suggest that the careless attitude of employees can rapture the confidentiality of the business.  

The most pressing problem for the employer is cyber threats these days. Cyber threats are widely increasing in no time. In 2019, more than four billion records were stolen from business devices and corporate databases.

Adding insult to injury, the same report established that businesses remain unaware of the activity for at least 206 days on average. 

So, the whole discussion needs to be summed up by proposing an embracing solution that can come to rescue the concerns of business owners.  

Using PC spy software for monitoring business computers – TheOneSpy

We have conducted an extensive exercise into finding embracing computer spy software for businesses. The solution that is best in this aspect is TheOneSpy, without any doubt. 

  • Mac OS 

  • Windows OS

  • No hint to target employee

TheOneSpy spies on all the activities that are taking place over the target computer and reflects them on the end-user’s registered device. The employer can know about the real-time happenings of the employee at any point of time. 

This all is done without any hint to the target employee. The software can be installed on the target device after getting physical access only once. The pc spy software can be installed on Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Salient features of TheOneSpy tracking software 

  • Mighty alarms feature of the app

The feature allows setting alarms on specific activities that are considered as unsuitable for the business. 

For example, the employer can mark some video streaming websites as unsuitable, and then every time employee starts browsing the same website, an alarm will notify the employer about the activity.

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  • Assigning productive and unproductive tabs

This feature allows marking productive and unproductive tabs and activities over the target computer. 

The activities that are considered as favorable for business will be marked as productive, while the unsuitable activities will be marked as unproductive.

TheOneSpy software generates a log of all those productive and unproductive activities and shows the log to the employer for taking necessary action. 

  • Website blocking helps in coping with cyber threats 

All the websites that are taken as unsafe and insecure can be blocked to access from the business computer. 

These websites most commonly include insecure financial gateways that are the most common source of plotting viruses and cyber attacks on business devices. 

  • Capturing screenshots randomly

The employer can capture screenshots of the computer screen after defining the time period and frequency. Thus, the software will itself capture screenshots according to the desired frequency and timeframe. 

  • Browsing history monitoring

TheOneSpy allows spying on browsing history and other browser functions of the target computer. This way, the employer will get to know about the online activities of the employee. 

  • Spying on emails 

All the emails received and sent by the target employee can be viewed by the employer to protect the business. 


The problems of employers regarding their employees and business are discussed. The best way to protect the business is by using pc spy software, and TheOneSpy is best in living up to the expectations of employers. 

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